Tuscan Organic Baby Artichoke Hearts 9.9oz (280g)

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Tuscan Artichokes.jpg

Tuscan Organic Baby Artichoke Hearts 9.9oz (280g)


Radici of Tuscany's organic baby artichoke hearts are marinated in extra virgin olive oil and lightly seasoned with fresh Italian herbs.   In Italian, artichokes are "carciofi", and these firm and tender baby certified organic artichoke hearts are a wonderful addition to many wonderful Italian dishes.  This is not your ordinary grocery store variety of artichoke hearts.

"These are the best artichokes I've ever had, tender and delicious, I use them in everything".

Ingredients: Tuscan artichoke hearts, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt and spices.

A few ideas:

  • Try them in a vegetarian carpaccio
  • Include them in your antipasti presentation
  • Slice and add to your caprese salad
  • Add to Farro bean salad with cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
  • Fantastic addition to home-made pizza
  • Makes salads a lot more tasty
  • Tender enough to add to vegetarian lasagne
  • Makes an amazing spinach-artichoke-garlic dip
  • Lightly grill them and serve with grilled meats
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